Let the Power of AI Optimize your Product Recommendations

Improve your current recommendations with a hybrid machine learning approach. AI systems sift through and present personalized recommendations shoppers are most likely to want. This takes the guesswork out and you can define the explicit merchandizing rules you set up across the entire customer journey.


Product Recommendations

Wigzo’s machine-learning engine helps you engage users with AI. You get to define what rules exist and when these rules are triggered. Therefore, making sure that users are always presented with personalized products across every channel.


Recommendations in Emails

Emails come with higher chance of conversion and also are a successful way to bring back past and abandoning clients. Our personalized recommendation system makes email content relevant, enticing and clickable.


In-app Recommendations

You are bound to create memorable experiences by sending relevant recommendations in real-time at opportune moments. Using in-the-moment recommendations you are ensuring app usage and reducing app abandonment by prompting contextual recommendations each time a customer uses your platform.

True End-To-End Personalization

One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers’ journey

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Omnichannel Marketing

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