Convert Abandoning Visitors to Revenue

Focus on giving visitors a reason to click-through. Set-up several different exit-intent campaigns, that trigger on different cookies, as the last-ditch effort to keep your prospective customer on the page.
Exit Intent 1

Exit Intent—Wait..Don’t Leave! 

Exit intent for e-commerce tracks a user’s movement’s on a page and prompts an event when it detects a visitor is about to leave the site so you reach them before they disappear. Identify why visitors abandon your app or website and try to eliminate that concern in your exit intent campaign. Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can ask abandoning visitors with Wigzo’s exit-intent trigger coming to the rescue.
Exit Intent 2
Track and Analyze Visitor Behaviour
It is integral for any business to flourish to know what is grabbing your audience’s attention and how are they interacting with your business model. Enhance their experience by knowing them furthermore.
Target Specific Visitor Segments
The modern mobile generation cannot be satisfied with personalization driven using general demographics. In order to win them, it is necessary to create smart segments based on how the interaction is established between the users and your brand.
Create Personalised on-site Campaign
It is important to consider the visitor and their experience when implementing an exit popup on your website. Target each above-created segments with campaigns exclusively personalized for them.
Boost Conversions
Convert visitors, re-engage them with your site and implore them to take specific actions. Customer boost guaranteed!
Boosting email subscription rates
Reducing bounce rates
Recovering abandoned carts
Increasing revenue generated on-site

Need to make Users Stay with you forever?

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