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Online is the new you when it comes to building your business empire. With the growing spree of web marketplace, business makers are pacing to create an online platform to channel trade across the globe. In the race of being the market leaders, opting obsolete technology won’t do any good. With a variety of tools to create web presence, Magento sets a benchmark as the market leader accounting up to 26% of the top 1 million websites in cyberspace. Today more than 3,75,000 people lure the benefits of this open source platform and are registered members of Magento community.

Magento supports easy integration with third party applications which helps in streamlining strategies and optimise efforts and that scale up results. Also, it is a platform which makes it possible for the user to build an SEO friendly eCommerce platform. Catering the interests of more that 1,25,000 businesses worldwide, brands like Samsung, Ford, and Nike choose to develop their eCommerce platform on Magento.

Magento platforms offers over 5000 plugin modules that can be installed to avoid the hassle of embedding code to the website and customise one’s online store to trace progress and reach the desired touchstone. For E-Commerce businesses, success is measured in terms of audience engaged, converted into customers and thereafter retained. The commotion of customer conversion and retention becomes an obstacle in reaching and maintaining the desired results.

Magento’s Wigzo plugin heeds to the prevalent hubbub. Wigzo values your value for customers and has deviced a plugin for the marketers to fetch back their customers. It has scaled up to 23% conversion rate for its existing clients by personalizing the user experience. Studies have stated that the users have experienced increased opt-ins and better click through rates.

Wigzo is not only a marketing automation engine, it is a tool built on the technology of advanced machine learning that enables user to send browser notification to its clients without spamming their mailbox. As tried and tested, web push notifications have fetched better notification than mail by trashing the idea of bulk emails.

In fact, Wigzo recorded an average 7-10% opt-in rate for browser push notifications - 70% from mobile sites and 35% from the desktop. The numbers opened up a channel for effective communication with consumers for the businesses and are considerably higher than opt-ins for emails which were merely 2% for the same target market.

Business makers are aware of the fact that degree of personalization is the key to target and convert customers. So, who wouldn't want a one-stop solution that engages audience and deliver notifications that addresses to their clients in person?

Engagement by Web Push Message Type

As Measured by Average Session within first week of Push being received

Online business builders can opt for easy access to omnichannel personalization by downloading the Wigzo plugin that features tools like behavioural automation, product recommendation, web push notification, exit intent etc. that help in recreating a better marketplace for both parties and eliminate spam.