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In one of our previous guide, we discussed how web push notifications have become an absolute must-have for eCommerce businesses. Right from keeping your existing customers actively engaged with your brand to getting repeat sales and acquiring new customers, web push notifications have proven to be the growth hack marketers have been looking for.

As eCommerce businesses across the world move on to adopting this trending progressive web app to boost their marketing results and yearly revenues, we decided to share a few ways you could use it too.

In this ebook, we’re going to share how your eCommerce store - big or small, can make use of web push notifications, and how to give them a competitive edge over the others with high level personalization using Wigzo.

Why should you download this ebook?

The number of online stores available today are increasing by the day. The only way to not lose your customers is to keep them engaged, interact with them often and personalize your communication with them in an easy way. That’s where web push notifications come in.

You should download this ebook because:

  1. You want to boost your customer engagement
  2. You want to get more sales
  3. You want to promote your products effectively
  4. You want to increase repeat sales
  5. You want to increase the customer lifetime value
  6. You want to decrease your cart abandonment rate!

What do I get in this ebook?

We have been working with eCommerce businesses to help them increase their sales in a competitive market. In this ebook we are sharing:

  1. Insights into online shoppers
  2. Why desktop internet users are important
  3. How to use web push notifications to boost sales
  4. Examples of web push notifications that actually work