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The eCommerce Guide to using On-site Push Notifications

On-site Push Notifications are a brand new way in which brands are engaging and creating more meaningful conversions with their potential as well as existing customers.

You maybe ask why you need on-site push notifications, when you’re using social media and email marketing already.

The answer is pretty simple: You don’t want them getting distracted by a deal that your competitor has to offer!

What You Get in This eBook?

  1. An overview on what are on-site push notifications
  2. Insights on why you should use on-site push
  3. Examples and use cases on how to use on-site push

Why Should You Download it?

  1. To understand how on-site notifications solve some of the biggest challenges for your business
  2. To find out how you can implement onsite push to increase conversions
  3. To get complete insights on how you can use Wigzo’s onsite push notifications