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Web Push - Buzz word in marketing, We started off in 2015, and through 2016 we did almost a Billion of Pushes. We came up a Comprehensive Guide of what we learnt in 2016 through our clients, and how to Maximise the response on this.

If you’ve been through the brunt of losing almost half your desktop sales due to lack of engagement, here’s the growth hack you have been missing out on - web push notifications.

In the report, we’re going to take a look at how businesses are using this progressive web app as an effective solution.

What does this report include?

  1. Why web push notifications are the answer to 2017 digital competition (with industry statistics)
  2. Insights into how businesses are successfully making use of web push notifications
  3. How web push notifications are the Progressive Web App you absolutely need
  4. Examples of effective web push notification campaigns

Why should you download this report?

  1. You want to boost your website conversions
  2. You want boost your customer engagement and retention rates
  3. You want to see an increase in your annual business revenue
  4. You are thinking of investing in a mobile app