Transforming CX Using RCS Business Messaging

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Route Mobile’s RCS – Business messaging and Wigzo are bringing powerful customer communication lifecycle management for businesses in India. Leverage SMS 2.0 and its incredible Rich Communication Services for contextual customer engagement and transactional operations. 

What is RCS?

RBM or RCS – Business Messaging is a communication protocol between telecom operators, OEMs, and messaging partners for A2P rich messaging. RCS Business Messaging equips brands to send videos, audios, images, gifs, map locations, and deep-links for specific actions to create engaging & rewarding campaigns.

What is the Value of RCS for Businesses?

Simply put, RCS is based upon the redundancy and high latency of SMS 2.0 with all the media support and scaling capabilities. RCS offers enterprises;

Exceptional Customer Experience
➢ Redefine Texting with Rich Communication features
➢ No secondary app installation required

➢ Substitute OTT Platforms
➢ Powerful marketing automation opportunities
➢ 24×7 Chatbot Availability

And much more…

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

Watch this exclusive webinar and learn;

➢ How a great CX is a pull for business messaging
➢ RCS Introduction (as the successor of SMS) and its features
➢ Consumer behavior for RBM and brand acceptance in India
➢ Route Mobile’s core strength in Messaging Eco-system

➢ CDP Offerings and couple it with RBM
➢ Marketing automation, and how it adds value to CX
➢ Industry-specific Use Cases
➢ Q&A

See how your business can derive immense growth value by shifting from textual to powerful contextual communication with SMS 2.0

Meet Our Speakers

umair-mohammad-wigzo (1)

Mohammed Umair

Founder & CEO, Wigzo Technologies

Alyque Sequeira

Alyque Sequeira

VP - Product Management, Marketing and Strategy, Route Mobile Limited

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