Trigger personalized messages on mobile apps and email upon key events

Automatically trigger personalized emails and push notifications to reach customers at the most critical moments.

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Build rule-based triggers for engagement

Engage with customers when they most expect it through rule-based triggers. Trigger push notifications or email messages based on real-time user behavior, like abandoning a shopping cart or lack of activity shown in the past week.

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Trigger behavioral emails

Deliver timely, relevant emails when your customers are most likely to engage. Close the conversion loop by automatically sending emails when visitors have stopped browsing or abandoned their carts.

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Schedule personalized push notifications

Send timely, relevant push notifications based on a user’s behavior and activity. Target with reminders, content or product recommendations, tailored offers, and more to drive users back into your mobile app.

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Fully customizable trigger events

Define custom triggers based on any event including those that occur onsite, in a mobile app, and via data integrated from a POS system, loyalty platform, CRM and more.

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Previewing & simulating triggered messages

Easily preview push notifications and email messages. Even run a live simulation to test and experience the triggers first-hand and view the full message and workflow.

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Continuous testing

Test and optimize any element within your triggered message, from email subject lines, structure and recommendation strategies to the functionality of your push notifications, design, and calls-to-action.

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Frequency capping control

Manage the maximum number of messages that a user will receive within a specific time interval. For example, you can decide to send cart abandonment notifications at most once per week.

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Built-in ESP integration

Integrate Wigzo with the email service provider you already use, and enjoy our out-of-the-box integrations with ESPs such as SendGrid, Oracle Bronto, Mailchimp, Listrak, and more.

True End-To-End Personalization

One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers’ journey

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Detailed Analytics

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Triggering Engine

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Omnichannel Marketing

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