Introducing Magic Link

A functionality which allows marketers to grow their text subscribers with a Two step Seamless Opt- In. New subscribers are nudged to click the Magic Link that automatically redirects to their mobile messaging app (SMS) after which they simply press “send” and the pre-populated text opt-in is received by the marketer.

Setup Magic link in minutes.

Easily Setup your link and leverage Instagram/Any other marketing platform to drive SMS subscribers, without the customers having to type a Single character.

Magic Link 1

Double tap opt in

Seamlessly get TCPA compliant opt-ins
First in the Industry

Guaranteed +40% opt in rate.

Seamless 15 second autofill and redirection.


Leverage Instagram Story to drive Opt Ins

Seamlessly get opt-ins : +40% opt-in rates

Custom built for your website, suit every use case

Seamless 15 second autofill and redirection.

Magic Link 2

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