Empowering Black-Owned Businesses

Black-owned businesses represent a community that strives to grow with hard work and dedication.
Wigzo supports them, and you can too.

Support black-owned brands you love

We’ve created a list of all the black-owned businesses we work with. Using this marketplace resource, you can shop from your favourite black-owned brands and support their growth. 

If there is a black-owned brand you’d like us to feature on this page, reach out to us.

Diamond Hair Company is the YouTube preferred provider of premium haircare products and the highest quality Mink Brazilian hair on the market.

Major Threads premium clothing brand that really believes in individualism and creating innovative ways of bridging the gap between culture and sports.

Let’s Create a Better World, Together!

We enable growing e-commerce brands to distinguish themselves online through personalization, enhanced customer experience and AI-driven marketing automation. By empowering community-based businesses, we are playing our part in this global cause – with a world-class tool and its unmatched performance & pricing.​

jay-cathey (1)

“As a black entrepreneur myself, I’m excited to launch an initiative to support and partner with the black community in our collective pursuit and passion for excellence.”

Jeremiah (Jay) Cathey
Co-Founder, CRO at Wigzo Technologies

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