SMS Marketing & Automation for WooCommerce

 A robust E-Commerce app for SMS marketing and automation that recovers revenue, boosts marketing ROI and grows your WooCommerce Store.

Wocommerce integrates with wigzo

Integrate in one click

Wigzo’s integrations let you pull in data from your marketing platform and other marketing software in just minutes. No custom development required.

Turn on built-in flows

Wigzo has abandoned cart messages, welcome series, and order follow-ups pre-built into the platform. All you need to do is turn them on — and start driving more sales right away.

Measure what matters

Impressions, clicks, and opens only tell part of the story. Wigzo offers out-of-the-box reporting based on actual sales — so you can focus on what matters.

Automate your SMS marketing

Our service provides both the ease and flexibility to engage with your audience how you see fit. SMS Marketing automation has become increasingly popular with brands as it allows them to save time by pre-scheduling text messages using action-based drip messages that are triggered by specific criteria.

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Seamless List building tools

Capture the Email/Phone numbers of your visitors by using list building tools. Pop-ups like exit intent, sign up boxes and other lead magnets and opt-in forms allow you to build your list without leaving the platform.

SMS for WooCommerce 2
SMS for WooCommerce 3

Double tap opt in

Seamlessly get TCPA compliant opt-ins
First in the Industry

Guaranteed +40% opt in rate.

Seamless 15 second autofill and redirection.


Instagram Story Opt In

Seamlessly get opt-ins : +40% opt-in rates

Custom built for your website, suit every use case

Seamless 15 second autofill and redirection.

Seamless Instagram SMS opt in

Full Suite for SMS marketing for WooCommerce Store.

Campaign Scheduling

Scheduling SMS campaigns lets you display time-specific offers and deals without having to be there to make sure they happen at the right time.


A generic approach hinders a campaign so the right message to the right recipient is the crucial most rule. Avoid sending irrelevant messages that can lead to unsubscription.

SMS List Building Tools

Seamlessly grow your contact base using our integrated forms in a non-intrusive, TCPA compliant manner.

Cap Notification Frequency

Optimize your campaign strategy by frequency caps that enable you to ensure your users don't receive too many messages. Define how often messages can go to a particular user for a particular campaign.

Specify Do Not Disturb Hours

Avoid disturbing users no matter which time zone they’re located in. Simply set-up the DND hours, and we’ll queue messages to be delivered when the time is right.

Get User-level Insights

Get detailed insights, data, and reports about each user based targeted SMS campaigns and track the success of every text message you send with Messaging Analytics.

SMS marketing by Wigzo for your WooCommerce

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