Data Driven Consumer Segmentation for Hyper- Personal Connection

Not all customers are same and thus one size fits all approach today will not land you anywhere. With our predictive customer segmentation solution, group different users in accordance with their behavioural pattern, and then cater to each segment with exclusive marketing strategies.


Build complex segmentation & targeting rules

Identify and target high-value customers. Create audience segments based on digital interaction, context, phase in the customer’s journey, third party data, and more.


Identify & personalize for anonymous users

97% of people on your site are anonymous. Wigzo allows you to identify their intent and preferences in real-time and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and engagement.


Share audience segments between sites

Share different audience segments between multiple properties and target these people with consistent messages throughout their journey, regardless the platform: web, mobile web or mobile apps.


Compare audiences & get real-time sizing analyses

Gain valuable insights and analyze key metrics for your audience segments by applying filtering conditions for your audience segments and comparing them against one another.


Audience list exporting

Export a list of users who belong to a given audience segment to a CSV file. Use these lists to build off-site campaigns based on Wigzo segments.


Robust analytics & reports

Measure the true impact of personalization. Quantify revenue, Average Order Value, and other key metrics to understand performance per audience, channel, or device and zoom.


Create Smart Product Segments!

Wigzo’s Smart Segmentation capability just got boosts. Track your stock-keeping unit sales and optimize product inventory by creating smart customer cohorts. Sort these cohorts by Stock Keeping Unit, Product Title, Unit Name. 

Visualize your top-selling products via their buyers in real-time.

True End-To-End Personalization

One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers’ journey

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