Skyrocket Engagement With Personalized Push Notification

Capitalize on relevancy instead of blasting the users with a barrage of messages. Push notification is welcomed when it offers timely information or exclusive hand-picked deals—you know what to do!

Personalized Push Notifications
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An Automated Solution To Reach Users Even When They Aren’t On Your Website

Increase your sales and customer retention

Send personalized notifications, relevant reminders and offers

Recover abandoned carts, send targeted offers, push notifications and more

Real-time communication with your customers, even off-website

Works across desktop & android apps

360 degree customer profiling using advanced machine learning

Easy 15 minute setup

Real-time tracking and analytics

Increase Conversion Rates

Increase the conversion by more than 4x with personalized web notifications. With 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

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Automate Your Engagement

Setup automated drip notification campaigns with just 1 click and put your audience engagement on an auto pilot mode. Drip notification campaigns enable you to nurture your audience and convert them into customers.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Grab your users attention with visually appealing web push notifications. Send personalized and targeted notifications with Wigzo and engage your users. Drive your audience to your website and boost your sales.

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Want To Experience A Push Notification Right Now?

Welcome Message


Breaking News

Abandoned Cart

New Post

Here’s What You Get By Signing Up Now

This browser notification service functions on desktops, mobile, and iOS.

Push Automation

Up your web push message scheduling game. Optimize for best times and personalize your mes-sages based on segments to get maximum results.

Triggers And Actions

Gauge visitor's interest, intent, and motivations before sending out push notification alerts. Set trigger notifications and define actions based on user activity on your website.

Live Tracking

See your push performance in real time. From delivery rates, to opens, click throughs and more, we make sure you get an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance.

Higher Opt-ins

Get 10X higher optin rates than opt-ins that don’t require a visitor to share their email address, and yet subscribe to get notifications from the business.

24/7 support

We take your conversations seriously. Be it on email, Skype or on call, you choose a medium, and we’ll be there for you with a solution.

Smart Campaigns

Clueless about what campaign will benefit you the most? Pick from preset campaign ideas that match your conversion objective and see your sales skyrocket.

We Get Amazing Results For Our Customers


Increase in conversion of cart abandoning customers.


Increase in click through rate from Push Notifications


Increase in engagement by smart personalized Push Notifications


Trusted By Some Of The Largest E-Tailers Globally

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View Clients Case Studies

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$15000 Additional Sales in 1st Month

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15% Increase in ARPU

Push Notifications 14

10% Increase in Overall Sale

Resources To Fuel Your Efforts​

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Examples Of E-commerce Push Notifications For Increasing Sales

Improve your Performance

Push Notifications- What’s In And What’s Out For 2020 To Improve Your Performance


6 Use Cases Of Personalized Push Notifications


Using On-Site Push Notifications

Implementing push notifications for your business 👇


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