Omnichannel Personalization With Customer

No matter how large a user base hyper-personalize your otherwise coldly impersonal campaigns with well-timed, relevant and contextual messages for each one.

Personalization 1

Using Templates—No Rocket Science!

Sending promotional offer? Launching a new transformative feature to your app? Extending exciting offers? Wigzo gives you to choose from an exhaustive, pre-designed template library to deliver impactful messages across channels without any complexities of coding; it isn’t rocket science after all!

Personalization 2

Personalize Push Notification

Demographics, geolocation, preferences, historic and current app activity use these to add personal warmth to your notifications.

Personalization 3

Personalize In-App Notification

Have real-time engagements and thus conversions with in-app notifications that are simply hard to resist.

Make each email a personal message

Personalize Email Campaign

Double the engagement on emails with personalized and targeted lifecycle email campaign.

Wigzo Gives An Edge To Your Brand

Transform Static Content Into Personalized Experiences

Change any static content element such as hero banners, calls-to-action buttons, promotional areas, and more, and tailor it to each user or segment, optimized for maximum performance.

Personalize Journeys, Not Individual Touchpoints

Coordinate across independent channel interactions to create one consistent experience in your multichannel ecosystem, optimized for each user’s phase in the customer journey.

Define Event-based Triggered Messages On Apps & Email

Automatically trigger personalized emails and push notifications to reach customers when they most expect it through rule-based triggers.

Advanced Targeting Rule Builder

Target based on everything from custom events to geo location, local weather forecast, device, business rules, and the context, characteristics, behavior, and interactions of customers.

Testing & Optimization On Every Action

Test every single element of content within your website, mobile app, or email, and let Wigzo’s decisioning engine maximize performance and results for your most important KPIs.

Targeted Overlays & Notifications

Tap into real-time behavioral and contextual data and surface messages across web or mobile. Target with welcome messages, countdown timers, email capture overlays, exit-intent popups, social proof messages, and more.

Ready-to-use Personalization Playbooks

Get inspiration from a library of dozens of out-of-the-box experience templates for recommendation widgets, personalized banners, subscription offers, notifications, and more.

Visual Experience Editor

Design personalization and experimentation campaigns with a visual “What You See Is What You Get” Editor without requiring help from designers or developers.

Powerful Developer Tools & APIs

Wigzo’s powerful APIs and SDKs deliver the entire breadth of personalization at every single digital channel and customer touchpoint.

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