What are On-site Notifications and How to Use them
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Kickstart your Conversions with On-site Push Notifications

Get started with on-site push powered by Wigzo in 5 simple steps. Start getting more conversions in no time.

  • Choose TemplatesTake your pick from the various smart template options based on your onsite conversion goals.
  • Edit DesignChoose between visual settings and HTML/CSS code to make changes to your template design. Customize all elements - Title, subtitle, background, descriptions, buttons, coupons and more.
  • Device TargetingEnable/disable your onsite notifications for desktop, mobile, or tablet users. Select one or more thanone options to target your users.
  • URL TargetingChoose the pages you want to show your notifications on. Enable your campaign for all pages or target specific pages.
  • Final TouchGive your campaign a name and description. Preview to see how your live notification will look. Save the template to edit and use later or simply send your notification out.

Wizgo works across web, IOS & Android apps

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Timely Engagement. Faster Conversions.

Understand what your visitors are looking for and trigger relevant messages on-site as they browse through. Show them the coolest deals, hottest offers, most-selling products and increase your chances of a conversion before they leave!

Hot Selling Items

Broadcast your fastest selling items online and get your visitors to view or buy them.

Deal of the Day

Notify your visitors about soon-to-end offers and bank on the sense of urgency to bag more sales.

Cart Reminders

Nudge returning visitors to view the items they left behind and complete their pending purchases.

Trusted Product

Display the number of people who have purchased an item that the visitor has shown interest in.

Cross Sell/Up Sell

Get people to buy more from you. A visitor just shopped for a mobile? Show accessories that will go along well with his purchase.

Last Few In Stock

Create a sense of scarcity by informing visitors about products or deals going out of stock.

Free Shipping Eligibility

Encourage users to add more items to their cart to avail free shipping. Increase the average order value of your store instantly.

Recommended Purchases

Increase time spent on - site with personalized recommendations. Base your suggestions on previous product views and purchases.

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Smart Templates to Ease Your Personalization Efforts

Want to increase onsite engagement? Opt for ‘Small popups’ template to redirect users from one page to another. Pick a smart template for your conversion goals and campaign requirements.

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Nidhi AgarwalCEO, Kaaryah

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