Delight Users with Omnichannel Marketing

Follow your users as they switch from device to device and deliver a consistent marketing message.
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Build a Consistent Message Across Channels

When your customers receive the same experience and messaging on every marketing channel, your brand becomes familiar and the relationship is strengthened. Wigzo gives you the power to create unified – and personalized – campaigns for all your users.
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Push notifications
Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand.

Email Personalization
Transmit targeted email marketing campaigns to engage users outside your app.

In-app Messaging
Deliver relevant and timely in-app notifications based on user identity and real-time behavior within your app.

Customer Insight to Improve Engagement

Wigzo helps you run comprehensive reports to monitor the effectiveness of your omnichannel marketing campaigns. Get real-time insights to quickly shift tactics as customer tastes change.
Receive profile data on webhook endpoints when users perform a specific event no matter what channel they’re in. This allows various teams (e.g. marketing, customer success) to interact more smoothly with one another.
Real-time dashboard
Everything you need to track is on the dashboard in real time. See revenue trends and revenue per user, analyze user behavior, and quickly build omnichannel engagement campaigns.

Hear what some of our customers have to say

For us Wigzo not only helps us improve conversion rate, it helps up interact with our users in a whole new way. The team at Wigzo has also provided us with great technical insight to help us built custom solutions.
Utkarsh Agarwal
Founder, inc42
Wigzo has truly been a solution partner for KAARYAH and lived up to expectations in terms of deliverables. Founder Umair who spearheads the team has brought value to our business with his collaborative nature and sustained efforts. We would like to wish team Wigzo ample luck!
Nidhi Agarwal
CEO, Kaaryah
We were impressed of how quickly it wasto launch Wigzo’s marketing suite and thesupport from Wigzo on-boarding teamwas great!
John Mason
Director, SomethingGreek

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