Omnichannel Marketing Automation For E-commerce

Wigzo is the only personalized customer experience solution offering marketing automation, personalization, analytics and adverts specialized for e-commerce.

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Build A Consistent Message Across Channels

When your customers receive the same experience and messaging on every marketing channel, your brand becomes familiar and the relationship is strengthened. Wigzo gives you the power to create unified – and personalized – campaigns for all your users.

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Push Notifications

Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand.

Email Personalization

Transmit targeted email marketing campaigns to engage users outside your app.


Deliver relevant and timely SMS notifications based on user identity and real-time behaviour.

Wigzo Offers Pre-built Marketing Automation Workflows

Transform Static Content Into Personalized Experiences

Change any static content element such as hero banners, calls-to-action buttons, promotional areas, and more, and tailor it to each user or segment, optimized for maximum performance.

Identify & Personalize For Anonymous Users

97% of people on your site are anonymous. Wigzo allows you to identify their intent and preferences in real-time and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and engagement.

Build Complex Segmentation & Targeting Rules

Identify and target high-value customers. Create audience segments based on digital interaction, context, phase in the customer’s journey, third party data, and more.

Build Rule-based Triggers For Engagement

Target based on every interactions of customers. Trigger push notifications or email based on real-time user behavior, like abandoning a shopping cart.

Testing & Optimization On Every Action

Test every single element of content within your website, mobile app, or email, and let Wigzo’s decisioning engine maximize performance and results for your most important KPIs.

Targeted Overlays & Notifications

Tap into real-time behavioral and contextual data and surface messages across web or mobile. Target with welcome messages, countdown timers, email capture overlays, exit-intent popups, social proof messages, and more.

Product Recommendations

Wigzo’s machine-learning engine helps you engage users with AI. You get to define what rules exist and when these rules are triggered. Therefore, making sure that users are always presented with personalized products across every channel.

Robust Analytics & Reports

Measure the true impact of personalization. Quantify revenue, average order value, and other key metrics to understand performance per audience, channel, or device and zoom.

Schedule Personalized Push Notifications

Send timely, relevant notifications based on a user’s behavior & activity. Target with reminders, content or product recommendations, tailored offers, and more to drive users back into your mobile app.

Connect Your Favorite Platform

Connect your store, whether it’s on Shopify, WooCommerce, or many other platforms.

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