Shopify integrates with Wigzo ​

Replace dozens of Shopify plugins with a single integrated solution.

Shopify integrates with wigzo

Integrate in one click

Wigzo’s integrations let you pull in data from your marketing platform and other marketing software in just minutes. No custom development required.

Turn on built-in flows

Wigzo has abandoned cart emails, welcome series, and order follow-ups pre-built into the platform. All you need to do is turn them on — and start driving more sales right away.

Measure what matters

Impressions, clicks, and opens only tell part of the story. Wigzo offers out-of-the-box reporting based on actual sales — so you can focus on what matters.

marketing automation

Personalized, omnichannel automation

Get real with omnichannel marketing: combine email with SMS and other channels to drive 2.9x more conversions without the need to integrate multiple apps. Our most-popular automation workflows including email & SMS channels have been pre-built so you can set up cart abandonment, welcome, order & shipping confirmation and more workflows to go live in minutes

Seamless List building tools

Capture the Email/Phone numbers of your visitors by using list building tools. Pop-ups like exit intent, sign up boxes and other lead magnets and opt-in forms allow you to build your list without leaving the platform.

Shopify 1

Full-suite marketing platform for Shopify stores

Seamless Data Sync

Automatically ingest all data from your shopify stores be it orders or customers without dev effort or delay

Pre-built automation templates

Save time with pre-built workflows for cart recovery, welcome series, order & shipping confirmation and more trigger-based sequences.

Email newsletters

Engage your subscribers with targeted, easy-to-build email campaigns that include a variety of CTR-boosters.

Subscription forms

From popups & signup boxes to gamified forms, you can use Wigzo to seamlessly collect email addresses and phone numbers.

SMS Marketing

Try SMS channel for segmented, one-off campaigns or integrate it with more channels in your automation workflows.

Personalization Engine

Personalized content and product recommendations based on customer behaviour

Frequently Asked Questions

There is zero integration required on your part. Once you create an account and approve installation, we kick off the data onboarding process, which can take up to a few hours depending on how big your store is.

Simple campaigns (emails, web experiments, website overlays, etc.) can be launched immediately after the integration. More advanced use‑cases may take from 1 day to 1 month, depending on third party integrations

We take data privacy and security very seriously. You can read our privacy policy and data handling policy for the precise details. In plain English: We keep your data private, protected, and used only to help optimize your store.

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