BigCommerce integrates with Wigzo

Connect BigCommerce with Wigzo to sync your store data, send targeted campaigns to your customers, and sell more stuff.

BigCommerce Integrates with Wigzo
marketing automation

Personalized, omnichannel automation

Get real with omnichannel marketing: combine email with SMS and other channels to drive 3x more conversions without the need to integrate multiple apps. Our most-popular automation workflows including email & SMS channels have been pre-built so you can set up cart abandonment, welcome, order & shipping confirmation and more workflows to go live in minutes

Full-suite marketing platform for BigCommerce stores

Communicate with your customers at exactly the right time

Our marketing automation tools talk to your customers just like you would, so you can focus on running your business. They’re the fastest, easiest way to send product follow-ups, collect feedback after a purchase, re-engage lapsed customers, and more.

Sell more stuff with personalization

When you connect your store to Wigzo, you’ll have access to powerful tools that help you increase revenue and recapture lost sales. Generate personalized suggestions or cart reminders based on the history of your customers.

Target your customers with one click

Wigzo uses your store data to automatically create pre-built segments, so you can quickly connect with your potential, active, first-time, or VIP customers. You can also target customers based on their signup date, engagement history, and demographics—all in just one click.

Find similar people, grow your audience

Use your customer data to build Facebook ad audience promoting business and expanding reach. Create mobile-friendly signup forms for your website and watch your list grow. We've found that placing a pop-up form on your site can increase your list growth rate by 50%.

Install Wigzo for BigCommerce

Follow these steps to connect your BigCommerce store to Wigzo.

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