Business Intelligence and Analytics For E-commerce

Wigzo is the only customer experience solution offering automation, personalization, analytics and adverts specialized for e-commerce.

E-commerce Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics For E-commerce

Wigzo is the only customer experience solution offering automation, personalization, analytics and adverts specialized for e-commerce.

E-commerce Intelligence
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Performance Management Analytics

Wigzo Provides Overview Metrics For The Store Owner On The Go
The Overview Dashboard includes a real-time view of your store, showing you how key metrics are performing today, this week, this month, and this year. Wigzo also provides historical comparisons for each time period, enabling you to benchmark your recent performance versus historical performance.
Revenue by Channel

Find Out Which Channels Are Generating Revenue

Advertising platforms tend to provide you with vanity metrics. The more you read about non-revenue engagement, such as likes or followers, the less you question whether you are making money from campaigns. 

Wigzo takes the opposite approach and shows you Revenue by Channel so you can quickly see which channels are effectively driving Revenue and which channels are driving traffic that yields few or no sales. Instead of logging in and out of multiple advertising platforms to assess performance, use Wigzo as your one source to get straight to the data you need to make decisions. With proper UTM tagging, every channel can be pulled into Wigzo for an unbiased, objective look at the channels you spend time and energy advertising in.
discover profitability in channels

Discover Net Profit By Channel

Net profit is illusive and requires switching between Google Analytics, social dashboards and your e-commerce platform to uncover. But how can you report correctly (much less quickly) when your data is dispersed? Wigzo aims for a straightforward look at profitability by channel.
Our Net Profit by Channel chart starts with channel level Revenue, then provides Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Advertising Spend, Net Profit and Profit Margin. Our e-commerce analytics dashboards tie together previously siloed data and allow you to access your data in a central location.
Ecommerce Report Filters

Build Custom Reports Quickly

Our powerful reporting tool is designed specifically for e-commerce professionals to build high-quality reports quickly.

Every graph, chart and table throughout the application is available to be added to a report. Build custom reports with the metrics you use to manage daily operations, or create custom reports for specific products, campaigns or special dates.

You can narrow the scope of your report to filter by: Days of the Week, Channel, Source, Metro and Device. Want to see how much revenue came from the Southeast over Black Friday? No problem!

Revenue focus Ecommerce Analytics

Focus On The Key Performance Indicators You Care About

Wigzo focuses on KPIs tied to your bottom line and provides succinct sentence based explanations of your data to help you understand how to interpret performance. These metrics can be filtered to provide specific information about Sources, Days of the Week, Devices, Channels, Metros or Campaigns.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

An intuitive e-commerce CRM designed to deliver more personalized marketing campaigns, increased retention, and improved customer loyalty. Wigzo automatically provides you with valuable insights into customer lifetime value and purchase behavior. Better still, we make it easy to use this information for e-commerce customer segmentation across your email and advertising campaigns. Gain an edge over your competition with Wigzo’s advanced customer analytics and CRM for e-commerce.

Customer Status and Analytics at Risk Lost or Active

Break down Customers into – Active, At-Risk & Lost

Wigzo identifies your Active, At Risk and Lost Customer segments by using a proprietary metric called Lapse Point. This helps you identify the average number of days it takes for a one-purchase customer to buy again. 
Anyone within that window of time is Active, and those that approach the Lapse Point are At Risk. Lost customers are those who have passed beyond the window of opportunity, making them improbable to buy again. Every store’s customer buying cycle is unique, so having this data at your hands allows you to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.
Customer Segments - first purchasers

Segment Customers For Higher Returns On Campaigns

Personalized, targeted campaigns can generate as much as a 760% lift in revenue over generic campaigns. Our Customer Segmentation feature helps you realize that increase in revenue in countless ways.

Customer Segmentation includes over 20 unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred email management platform. For each segment, see insights including Average Order Value, Lifetime Value, Revenue,  and the Most Commonly Purchased Products.
Customer Segemnts Ecommerce Analytics

Figure out your most profitable segments

Some of our pre-built customer segments that give revenue in countless ways are –

Big spenders, VIP shoppers, Coupon lovers, Most Active Customers which are less than 2% of customers, who bring in 24% of revenue.

The trick is to look for the 5% that will drive your revenue growth.

Ecommerce Intelligence New vs Repeat Customers

Discover Your New Vs. Repeat Customer Ratio

Choose a specific date range to see a daily summary of New vs. Repeat Customers. Why is this important? It helps you to understand which channels and campaigns are bringing in new customers, and which channels and campaigns are driving repeat purchases.
Filter even further to see a breakdown of New vs. Repeat Customer by Source, Days of the Week, Device, Channel, Metro and Campaign. Your e-commerce reporting can be as tailored as you need!
Performance KPIs Lifetime Value KPIs

Evaluate Profitability KPIs By Channel

Widely dispersed data is a major issue for e-commerce reporting and analytics. When insights are spread among dozens of spreadsheets, you’re left with a confusing puzzle to try and piece together. 
Our Lifetime Value Based Customer Profitability chart provides stats from all of your major channels in one place. Here you can see the performance of each channel based on a number of insights such as: New Customers, Repeat Customers, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Lifetime Value based ROAS, Lifetime Value, New Customer Acquisition Cost, Profit Per New Customer, Revenue and Ad Spend.
Customer Purchases

Analyze Your Customer Purchase Behavior

How many of your customers have purchased once? Twice? Multiple times? Wigzo uses data from your e-commerce platform to bucket each customer into six segments of purchasing behavior. Knowing the breakdown of customers who have purchased multiple times will allow you to make better marketing decisions. Segments can be exported into a CSV, allowing you to tailor messages, discounts or loyalty programs based on customer status.  

True End-To-End Personalization

One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers’ journey

E-commerce Intelligence

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Understand key performance indicators

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