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Plug and play platform for Ecommerce intelligence

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Wigzo provides overview metrics for the Store owner On-the-Go

The Overview Dashboard includes a real-time view of your store, showing you how key metrics are performing today, this week, this month, and this year. Wigzo also provides historical comparisons for each time period, enabling you to benchmark your recent performance versus historical performance.
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Segment Customers For Higher Returns

An intuitive ecommerce CRM designed to deliver more personalized marketing campaigns, increased retention, and improved customer loyalty. Wigzo automatically provides you with valuable insights into customer lifetime value and purchase behavior. Better still, we make it easy to use this information for ecommerce customer segmentation across your email and advertising campaigns. 
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Find out which channels are Profitable

Advertising platforms tend to provide you with vanity metrics. The more you read about non-revenue engagement, such as likes or followers, the less you question whether you are making money from campaigns. Wigzo takes the opposite approach and shows you Revenue by Channel so you can quickly see which channels are effectively driving Revenue and which channels are driving traffic that yields few or no sales.

One Unified Dashboard for Every Facet of your Ecommerce Business

Connect all the data sources you use to run your business.

Deeply integrated with your marketing tools

Results to expect from Wigzo Analytics during the first 3 months

Increase in Conversions
Increase in ROAS
Better LTV

What Our Customers Say

For us Wigzo not only helps us improve conversion rate, it helps up interact with our users in a whole new way. The team at Wigzo has also provided us with great technical insight to help us built custom solutions.
Utkarsh Agarwal
Founder, inc42
Wigzo has truly been a solution partner for KAARYAH and lived up to expectations in terms of deliverables. Founder Umair who spearheads the team has brought value to our business with his collaborative nature and sustained efforts. We would like to wish team Wigzo ample luck!
Nidhi Agarwal
We were impressed of how quickly it wasto launch Wigzo’s marketing suite and thesupport from Wigzo on-boarding teamwas great!
John Mason
Director, SomethingGreek

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