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Wigzo's D2CVerse Anecdote

Once upon a time, an island was home to a slew of D2C brands. These D2C marketers were disappointed that they were unable to elevate their brand to new heights. They encountered several expansion obstacles and lacked guidance and experienced counsel. 

Later, on a lazy day, a marketing automation startup named Wigzo realized how gratifying it would be if all D2C companies could collaborate. 

While assisting 1000s of e-commerce brands in cracking their marketing objectives, Wigzo discovered that the majority of brands encounter similar growth issues. If all brands can collaborate on the best strategies and ideas and develop a deeper grasp of the factors, trends, solutions, and ethos, India’s D2C ecosystem would advance more quickly. 

Wigzo couldn’t suppress their joy when this fantastic idea occurred to them. While thinking about it, they decided to dispel the popular belief that business networking events must be drab and lifeless. 

They kickstarted planning a fun networking event where young marketers and entrepreneurs could get together to enjoy good food and beverages while networking with their peers, debating common growth challenges, and devising the best strategies for growing their brands.

Skyrocket your D2C brand and leverage expertise by networking with other D2C entrepreneurs and growth leaders. Acquire proven techniques and methods from industry-leading D2C specialists to empower and scale your e-commerce business! Seize the opportunity to convene the global D2C community to debate, ponder, and exchange unique information and ideas for establishing, operating, and scaling successful D2C enterprises.

What You’ll Get In D2CVerse?

An opportunity to tap into the network of:


Leading D2C Experts


Growth Marketers


D2C Entrepreneurs


Performance Marketers

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