Case Study

Yogya Online Sees 9%+ Conversion Rate with Wigzo’s Automation Stack

About Yogya Online

Yogya Group is an Indonesian grocery mart brand. It operates one of the biggest supermarkets in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. The brand was looking to expand its online footprint.

The Objective

While making a brand new transition to Digital Marketing, Yogya Online did not have many resources to spare on their campaigns. 

Owing to these constraints, Yogya Online wanted to grow its subscribers base, get platform support to compensate for lacking digital marketing resources and maximizing customer value.

Key Challenges

Following were the key challenges mapped by Yogya Online;

  • ➢ No digital marketing resources to spare
  • ➢ Running too many promotions manually
  • ➢ No central dashboard to measure campaign metrics
  • ➢ No transparency in the customer journey
  • ➢ Boosting new customer acquisition, conversion, and retention

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Wigzo’s marketing automation stack came in as the perfect solution for Yogya Online. The following tech-stack was used to counter the above challenges;

  • ➢ Personalized push notifications
  • ➢ Smart on-site behavioral nudge
  • ➢ Email marketing automation
  • ➢ WhatsApp campaign

With custom drag-and-drop workflows, marketing automation was deployed to work for Yogya Online’s growth.

Strategic Approach 

The primary focus was to grow the subscribers list fast, and maximize user engagement for superior conversions.

The Outcome

Yogya Online achieved an average conversion rate of 5.14% after deploying the push, on-site nudge, and WhatsApp campaigns via Wigzo. The maximum conversion rate went up to 9.36% with a net 8,006 online orders since implementing Wigzo’s marketing automation stack.







So glad we found Wigzo as our vendor for helping us to provide real-time notifications to our customers. Wigzo is our solution to give customers messages/notifications so that they can have a more intensive engagement with our website and products. All the channels also the insight are awesome. Easy to integrate for e-commerce business. Should try!

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