Case Study

Triple your sales with Wigzo's WhatsApp marketing automation tool


WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful platform for e-commerce brands to market their products. With Wigzo, you can deploy this platform and automate your marketing activities. 


To take a look at how Wigzo’s powerful WhatsApp marketing tool has helped e-commerce businesses achieve their goals and increase sales.

Challenges faced by e-commerce brands

  • ➢ Abandoned carts. 
  • ➢ Low customer engagement. 
  • ➢ Poor customer service and communication. 
  • ➢ Low conversion rate. 

Wigzo’s strategic approach to unlocking a brand’s growth

  • ➢ Provides real-time customer support.
  • ➢ Recovers abandoned carts.
  • ➢ Sends alerts and notifications.
  • ➢ Personalizes and automates customer communication. 
  • ➢ Converts visitors to buyers.
  • ➢ Sends order confirmation information.

The outcome

Wigzo has assisted a fashion, home appliance, and skincare brand in increasing their conversion rate by 15 percent.

Your turn

Accelerate your brand’s growth and revamp your online sales funnel with Wigzo’s marketing tool.

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