Case Study

Boost Your E-commerce Conversion Rate with RCS Business Messaging


RCS or Rich Media Business Messaging is a recently developed service that offers customers an enhanced messaging experience by adding multimedia content. This includes interactive features such as location-based services and touch screen capabilities – making the whole process easier for both consumer and retailer.


Take a look at how Wigzo has helped e-commerce brands achieve their goals and improve revenue with RCS Business Messaging.

Challenges Faced By E-commerce Brands

  • – Weak customer engagement and relationship nurturing
  • – Lack of personalization
  • – Content delivery challenges at scale
  • – Lower open and click-rate for other digital mediums
  • – Regular order updates for better CX
  • – Communication is limited by internet connectivity

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Wigzo’s Strategic Approach

  • – Send and automate personalized text and Rich Media Messages
  • – 98% delivery rate with 99% open rate and 36% click rate
  • – Deep customer data analytics
  • Double-tap onboarding to fasten the sales cycle


  • – Wigzo has assisted cookware, fashion, and skincare brands in increasing their conversion rate by 7.5 percent.

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