GIVA Achieved 55% More Orders And 7X Increase In Subscribers

About GIVA

GIVA is an online silver jewelry store that offers affordable, high-quality designs. GIVA has the finest assortment of modern silver jewelry for you and your loved ones.

Key Growth Challenges

  • ➢ High cart and browser abandonment rate
  • ➢ Lack of hyper-personalized customer engagement
  • ➢ Uplifting revenue and customer retention


Wigzo’s marketing automation platform proved to be the ideal fit for GIVA. The following technology stack was utilized to address the challenges as mentioned above:

  • ➢ Email Marketing Automation
  • ➢ Personalized Onsite and Push Notification
  • ➢ Behavioral-based Segmentation

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Wigzo's Strategic Approach To Unraveling GIVA's Growth

  • ➢ AI-based Segmentation for Laser-targeted Campaigns
  • ➢ Personalized Onsite Nudge for Data Collection
  • ➢ Personalized Push Alert for Web and Mobile
  • ➢ Email Personalization for a Lower Browser Abandonment Rate


  • ➢ Wigzo’s assisted GIVA in raising their conversion rate by 5% through onsite notifications and 3% by email personalization
  • ➢ GIVA saw a 55% hike in online orders and a 775 % growth in subscriber base compared to the previous period
  • ➢ Additionally, Wigzo’s retention engine improved GIVA’s customer retention

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