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Power up your e-commerce sales with Wigzo's email automation


Email marketing can be used to promote a company’s goods and services and reward customers for their continued support. With Wigzo, you can personalize your email and deliver the right content at the right moment to boost conversions.


Take a look at how Wigzo has helped e-commerce companies achieve their goals and improve revenue by personalizing their email marketing.

Challenges Faced By E-commerce Brands

  • – Delivering irrelevant content without any personalization.
  • – Low delivery, open and click rate.
  • – High unsubscribe and spam rate.
  • – Limited post-click activity.

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Wigzo’s Strategic Approach

  • – Personalises email marketing campaigns
  • – Automates email marketing process
  • – Segments the audience based on their behavior and then triggers the appropriate content to the relevant audience
  • – Sets up a preferred email service provider
  • – Improves click-through, open, subscribe rates and reduces spam rate


  • – Wigzo has assisted cookware, feminine hygiene, jewelry, and skincare brands in increasing their conversion rate by 7.2 percent.
  • – Wigzo helps in driving 18X more revenue through personalization.

Your turn

Improve your email’s open and click-through rates and accelerate your brand’s growth through personalization with Wigzo.

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