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Amydus for the win with 89% Revenue growth - Powered by Wigzo & AdYogi

About Amydus

Amydus is a niche brand that offers trendy women’s and men’s apparel in XXL, 3XL and other in-demand sizes. Amydus sells an assorted variety of apparel through leading plus-size stores in India.

The Objective

Amydus was looking to bolster its marketing and sales by targeting and acquiring new subscribers. Then, pushing the subscribers down to different conversion funnels via marketing automation for accelerated revenue.


Like other speciality niche e-commerce brands, Amydus saw some marketing and online sales challenges. These were;

  • – Growing the subscribers’ list for sustainable revenue
  • – Converting subscribers into buyers and retaining them for a higher CLTV
  • – Engaging anonymous visitors and retargeting them onsite
  • – Identification and segmentation of customers based on their purchasing behaviour [high ticket spenders, low ticket spenders]

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Two broad challenges were to be solved for Amydus at technological level;

  • – Marketing Automation
  • – Targeted Ad Campaigns & Optimization

The e-commerce marketing automation was undertaken by Wigzo and Ad campaigns were created from scratch & optimized by AdYogi.

Strategic Approach by Wigzo & AdYogi

Wigzo employed a unique approach to engaging the audience for Amydus.

The key was to target those people who had clicked on the SMS or Email links sent by Wigzo’s Automated campaigns in the last 30-days, 60 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

AdYogi’s prime strategy was finding the ideal buyer persona for Amydus.

The key was to expand the targeting based on existing plus-size fashion and traditional apparel buyers, strengthen brand recall and display visually impactful ads to the laser targeted audience.

The qualified traffic driven by AdYogi streamlined Wigzo’s customer retention efforts even further – complimenting the operations for AMYDUS mutually.

The Outcome

Wigzo and AdYogi’s synergy yielded stellar numbers for the niche apparel giant AMYDUS, including but not limited to;

  • – 58% increase in e-commerce conversion rate 
  • – 150.5K Subscribers added
  • – 21% Increase in conversion rate during the festive season 
  • – 42% Increase in average order value (AOV) achieved

And clocking an 89% increase in overall revenue!







  • Kartik Sapra
  • Co-Founder – Amydus

For Wigzo

It’s been one year since we have been using wigzo for our automation marketing, and we are pretty happy with the results. Enthusiastic team and great support.

For AdYogi

Adyogi team are rockstars when it comes to performance marketing. They take the guesswork out from Facebook ads and get consistent results.

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