A wise man once said ”Every good thing must come to an end and should be replaced with something way better”

He said and we implemented.

We hope that since 2013 Wigzo has benefited you in every possible way. Our 7 years of journeys as a customer experience solution offering automation, personalization, analytics, and adverts for our users have been remarkable. We have reached 1 Billion devices yet and have 1000+ customers globally.

Now taking a step ahead with all the feedback we have received in recent years from our users and the SaaS community, we have incorporated it into our product and created something, which we believe, is truly extraordinary.

Your feedbacks have been essential to improve our performance.

Our team at Wigzo has been working hard day and night to ideate, modify, and build an outstanding eCommerce growth platform for our users and eCommerce community. The significant rise in productivity of our team in the current pandemic situation was massive which has helped us achieve our targeted goals. Without each one of them, it might not have been possible.

With our dynamic energy level and the sincerity we have put in, your marketing experience is about to get better.

Today we would like to announce the launch of the biggest, most exciting, and most significant changes in Wigzo.

We are calling it Wigzo 2.O

What’s new in it?

Take into consideration the summary below:

1. We are revamping Flows


Now comes with a fancy Drag and Drop builder and not for all marketing channels, but also for all Shopify events, or send data from one place to another. You want to create Lifecycle marketing campaigns, Boom, Done. You want to Send Multichannel Cart Recovery Campaign, Boom Done again. 

2. A massive UI Shift


We are Shifting a more Professional Ui, Design Elements attributed to IBM’s Carbon Design Elements. This Probably is the Single Biggest Shift in the history of the Universe.


3. Introducing Conversations


Ok, this is a Soft beta launch, and with Only One channel which is SMS. But the idea is Conversations will become a Hub one-stop shop for all your conversations with your customers across all your new age channels like SMS, Whatsapp, FB messenger, Instagram DM, and Live chat. Directly Linked to Customer Data. SMS is already live and we are adding channels by the day( Well week actually). 

What’s more for you?

We are hosting a webinar to give a full walkthrough of Wigzo 2.0 and to provide you all the knowledge about how Wigzo is becoming a go-to tool for all marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs to boost their sales.

Join us and have your questions answered by the leading industry expert, Umair Mohammad, CEO and Founder of Wigzo.

Date: July 21, 2020

Time: 5:00 PM IST

Webinar Topic: Introducing Wigzo 2.0

We bet you don’t want to miss this opportunity…

Click Here To Register… (Limited slots available)

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