During Black Friday sales, eCommerce revenue in the United States saw a high of $7.9 billion in 2018. What does this mean for eCommerce? The world has seen a change in online shopping from the traditional way of shopping. Today customers are searching for more products online and so on. They’re looking for deals on Black Friday and if you’re running an eCommerce company, make sure you have the best marketing strategies on Black Friday that can deliver great sales this season.

How are you going to increase online user traffic and get them to purchase the holiday product from your website? Here we are with 7 Black Friday Marketing Tricks to help you curate a good campaign and increase the flow of Black Friday holiday shoppers and increase sales revenue.

Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

1. Send Black Friday Emails

The best way to start your campaign is to prepare ahead and send an email ahead of the advertising surge to your past customers and potential future customers. There is no question that social media is booming, but email marketing is a timely tactic and one of the best ways to boost both your profits and your customer base.

An online Custora site estimated that Black Friday Sales ‘ biggest revenue was generated by email advertisements, generating a total of 21.5 percent of revenue from email marketing promotions, making it the biggest catalyst of Black Friday trades.

How to make this strategy smarter?

  • A subject line that’s unforgettable. Your email subject line is a vital component of the success of your campaign as it is the first thing your target audience is going to read. If your subject line does not catch your reader’s attention, then an unopened email is most likely to be expected.
  • It’s all timing. Schedule the emails according to time zones or online email users’ limits. Email marketing is like developing a seed.
  • Save your date. Include a tab that connects your website to a customized “Add this event to your calendar.” You don’t want them to miss their offers on Black Friday.
  • Every individual is different from each other. Therefore, their tastes, interests and many other aspects are different from those of other people. To various types of customers, you need to create separate email campaign sections.
  • Past clients are offering discounts or freebies on loyalty program policy. 
  • Potential customers are more interested in a plan of persuasion, such as limited-time deals.

2. Benefit from a year-long Landing Page

Have you heard of the technique of landing pages? Here are ways to advertise your shop for lifetime Black Friday. 

According to Adwords in a survey, 61 percent of holiday shoppers are starting to look for goods week before giving thanks. However, if you make a new website every year, it will take your SEO time to show results and you may not earn a lot of profit by the time sales end.


How to make this strategy smarter?

  • On any screen, it should look great. Nearly everyone has access to a smartphone or tablet and computer specs also vary, so bear in mind that your online shoppers will definitely be frustrated by slow loading time or device compatibility issues. Literally, the escape button is just around the corner.
  • Include a key to sign up. Sure, if an online user has landed on your website, he’s likely interested in your offers. To keep the curiosity alive, you need to add a page where your prospective buyer can subscribe for updates on the upcoming sale.
  • Make it always red. Your page should be evergreen content, so online users should always find your Black Friday and Cyber Monday page relevant regardless of the time of year.

3. Boost Black Friday Sales via Social Media

A 2018 study revealed that sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday had 3.8 million online posts. Now that’s a huge amount to be missed by online shoppers. Planning social media marketing on Black Friday is both exciting and challenging as it’s all real-time. You see in a millisecond what people say and they expect you to act quickly. Before, during, and even after Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the social media posts will differ to boost sales.


How to make this strategy more efficient?

  • Best time to post. Know when the social media users are online at peak and then schedule your post.
  • Don’t leave a message unanswered. Netizens are extremely impatient, so it is extremely important to be timely in addressing their concerns or inquiries on your comments.
  • An appeal to action. Strike as the iron gets hot. Please always instruct your customers on what to do next, such as “visit our site” or “find out more.”

4. Start a Referral Program during Promotions on Black Friday

Recommendations or referrals, as stated by Nielsen’s Consumer Trust in Advertising, are the most trusted form of advertising. It simply means that in choosing what to buy, many people rely heavily on the opinions of someone else. The study also found that consumers referred can be a great driver of brand loyalty and stunning productivity relative to any of your other customers.


How to make this strategy smarter?

  • Consider it convincing. Once you begin a referral program, the question you need to ask is how you will promote a productive referral. There are many ways to create an enticing package of incentives while preserving your productivity. Make sure you analyze what sparks your audience’s curiosity. If your reward system does not magnetize your clients, it will be a waste.
  • It is very important to indicate the expiration of a reward. When going for a referral program keep in mind that sense of urgency plays a vital role. If it takes longer for a referral to make a call to action, then you are missing on the opportunity to make a successful sale.
  • Turn this viral. Social media is a good platform for a comparison lead, so let your followers talk about your brands. With the power of sharing social networks, more and more people will learn about your brands and land on your website through their friends ‘ shares/posts/tweets.

5. For Swift Action, add a Countdown Timer

Customers can be very indecisive about this. Most of the time before pressing the buy button, they like to compare their goods first with their rivals. This is valid as shown by comparative price research that found that 94 percent of online shoppers take time to find the cheapest product, 36 percent of which spend an additional 30 + minutes of comparison shopping before making a real purchase decision. By adding a countdown timer to your deals, you help your customers decide right away and then close the deal.


How to make this strategy more effective?

  • Every item – state the date and time of the selling of a particular product.
  • Promotional emails–This will help build days or weeks of excitement before the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
  • Landing page–A homepage banner timer to announce when the actual sale starts so that people can plan ahead to start shopping online.
  • Social media posts–on your social media page, you should add a countdown timer tab to hype the event and make sure your customers know when to save the date.

6. Cross-sell and Upsell with Discounts

Upselling and cross-selling are perfect ways to make the best use of selling more to an existing customer already on your website. Build combos of 3-4 compatible products that work together well and offer customers the entire package at a full discount. Those kinds of bundle deals perform very well on big sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where people actively look for a much better price package deal.


How to make this strategy smarter?

  • Write a copy message that offers real value to consumers: the sales copy that persuades customers to take the deal is your message in the bid. Polish the copy to ensure that it reflects customers ‘ true values.
  • Create a sense of urgency or scarcity: claim that you only have very few items in stock or bid until midnight. Customers will be more adventurous in buying items they want when they are pressed for time or scarcity.

7. Create Flash Sale Excitement 

A flash sale is a promotion of a generally short period. Before the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s an enjoyable way to create hype and boost sales. It may also be a good idea a few hours before the planned event, or a day or two.


How to make this tactic smarter?

  • Advertise header bar ads. The flash sale to customers can be announced early with a sticky header bar on your page. The bar will easily capture the attention of consumers as shoppers scroll down as it stays on the page. Therefore, you should remind them of their upcoming sales without interrupting their shopping flow.
  • The limit is the key. As much as you want to sell something, a large number of products need to be overlooked during a flash sale. When planning a flash sale, limited availability should be your top priority. Time is also a critical factor apart from restricting product offerings. Okay, it’s implied by the name flash but note that your time should be as fast as lightning.
  • Advertise the items that can not be purchased. It is necessary to promote your unavailable products during the flash sale. Remember that the consumers will soon be selling these services on Black Friday or Cyber Monday itself, but they need to be patient only a little longer.

Final Thoughts

Every digital marketer wants to boost revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the inflow of massive advertising during the holiday season makes it look like wishful thinking. So be sure to use the above tactics to step up your marketing campaigns on Black Friday and see a smarter difference.