Behavioural Automation For Customer Engagement In eCommerce


An engaged consumer is a happy customer. A happy customer, in turn, converts and develops loyalty with your brand. In an age and time where ecommerce stores are mushrooming in abundance, consumers are obviously spoiled for choice.

For ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers, delivering the right product at the right price at the right time is secondary. What comes first is customer engagement. If your target market doesn’t want to interact with you just because you are not selling them the right way, they will not convert. Simple.

In this case, you must try to examine the behavior of your target audience, including those individuals who have already made a purchase on your website. This is where the hottest selling tactic of 2017, behavioral automation, enters the picture.

What is behavioral automation?

It is a concept that makes use of customer behavior as the basis of all marketing activities. According to Gleanster, 77% of CMOs at top performing companies suggest the reason why they implement marketing automation is to drive up more revenue.

Behavioral automation is a combination of three elements to deliver interactive and highly contextual messaging to the target market:

  • Buyer behavior
  • Marketing automation
  • Real-time interaction

To ensure a high level of user engagement, eCommerce should remember to emphasize on personalization. If you don’t sell the stuff they are most likely to be interested in or have shown interest previously, how else would you grab their attention?


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Fifty-nine per cent of entrepreneurs reported they experienced a high ROI after personalizing their eCommerce stores. Combine personalization and behavioral automation, and you have magic in your hands. Unfortunately, only a handful of marketers has tapped the actual potential of this mix.

This is where Behavioural Automation by Wigzo comes in. Let us explore ways to fix a proper behavioral automation strategy for your business:

1) Email marketing

Emails are certainly not dead. They are very much alive and will help your business thrive – provided you plan your strategy smartly. Your target market comprises individuals with similar needs, which means you should do 1:1 personalization for segment-wise marketing.

With Wigzo, you can write emails as per these segments – whatever they may be – demographics, preferences, gender, etc. Once this step is over, automate the email marketing processes by auto-populating the emails that every individual receives based on what he or she showed interest in previously.


This will not only amp up your open click rates of emails but also the conversions. Get started with smart email personalization HERE.

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2) Web push notifications

Push is the latest marketing tactic to capitalize on the opportunities that mobile and web have created for eCommerce in the last several years. Wigzo makes use of machine learning to understand the behavior of every consumer.


It then records the data and creates smart segments which are then sent personalized push messaging. These combined efforts of behavioral studies and personalization ensure higher CTRs and conversion rates. Brands such as Inc42, Mr. Button and Awok have upped their “push” game with Wigzo’s help.

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3) Exit intent

High bounce rates are a big issue in the eCommerce industry. The attention span of consumers is already short; on top of it, if they don’t like what you see on your website, they are going to leave sooner than you think. Almost 60% of consumers are most likely to forget your brand if they are not engaged with the right message at the first time.

But with Wigzo’s exit intent technology, you can hold back your website visitors. This technology tracks a potential customer’s movements across the site right from the time he or she lands on the website to predict an exit intent.

It then re-targets the visitor just before he or she is about to leave the website or even switch tabs in the browser with a personalized pop-up message. If you optimize your marketing strategy to this extent, your conversions will obviously get a boost.

One last thing

Before you take the leap of faith and make a substantial change in your marketing strategy, make sure you understand your customer base, and explore these three ways as mentioned above thoroughly.

You will not start achieving your KPIs as soon as you start off with this strategy if you don’t plan smart. So read up as much as you can. We have a broad range of use cases you can study to make the final call.

Take help from us to not only improve the conversion rates but also to interact with your customers in a whole new, different way.

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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