If you are a marketer, a corporate giant or a small business owner – you know how important your website presence is. Your website is a platform that lets you connect with your customers, clients, competitors and industry experts. In short, an online identity is the lifeline of any business.

However, in this competitive digital space, just publishing (and promoting) quality content on the website is not enough to gain traffic. Even if your marketing strategy is in place, does it guarantee a thriving business?

Sadly, no.

That is because you are not optimizing your promotional campaigns using the various marketing tools available today. Your strategy is repetitive and restricted to only a few methods that may have shown a high conversion rate before. But to establish an online presence and consistently grow your website traffic, you need to keep experimenting with various techniques.

Here are a few tips you could use to increase your website traffic exponentially:

1. Re-market on Facebook & Twitter

These are the most popular social platforms used across the globe – for both professional and personal reasons. While regular posting on all channels is essential to drive customer engagement, there are a few others tactics that you must make use of as well.

Install Facebook and Twitter tracking pixels to your website to continue to market your products or services to the customers who have already visited your website. Just install a snippet of code on your website to reach potential buyers with an advert when they use the two networking sites.

techcrunch twitter card

This picture shown above is of a Twitter summary card with a large image.

On Facebook, you can start re-marketing to as small as 100 visitors; but on Twitter, you need a minimum of 500 visitors.

2. Market Through Emails

Did you know that email marketing is three times more powerful for driving conversions than any social media campaign? It increases brand awareness, drives the right website traffic and gets more customers.

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email marketing rules


Even though promotional emails are often seen as a nuisance by consumers, they can yield impressive results – Return on Investment (ROI) of 3800% and $38 for every $1 spent. Build your email list in a contextual manner and run campaigns that are relevant to your audience.


Remember to have:

  • Interactive headlines
  • Crisp and to-the-point content
  • Visual elements (but not too many)

Companies like Wigzo enable marketers to create personalized email campaigns with dynamic and interactive content. Since visual content is consumed by the reader faster, this helps boost engagement rates and drive traffic to your website.

3. Be Active On LinkedIn

There are more than four million companies listed on LinkedIn Company Pages. If you have a business page on LinkedIn, actively share updates on it on a regular basis. Share blog posts published on your websites, industry or company updates, etc. and also make your way through to relevant groups to give your content more exposure.

With over 380 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories, the chances of boosting the website traffic (and eventually, conversion rates) via LinkedIn are high. Therefore, make complete use of it.

4. Convert Content Into Slides

One of the smartest ways to re-purpose content and enhance brand recall value is to use SlideShare. If you want to showcase yourself as an industry expert, then start sharing content on it. There are currently 70+ million SlideShare users. And, 80% of the visitors come through targeted search.

slideshare audience


This LinkedIn-owned sharing platform hosts text content, videos and infographics. And SlideShare presentations have a higher effectiveness rate than white papers. Leverage the platform’s reach by sharing all your content on it and linking it back to your website.

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5. Create A Webinar

Another way to establish your brand as an authority in the market is through webinars. They are content-driven and offer an expansive platform to communicate to customers about the business – if designed correctly.

If your customers (and) leads are impressed with what you have to offer, then are more likely to visit the website to learn more, buy your products or service and complete any Call-To-Actions built into your website.

6. Use Online Reputation Methods

Stay in the limelight, but for all the right reasons. This is why you need to put an emphasis on Online Relationship Management (ORM) as well. Begin with answering queries on Quora or posting on various community forums. This will solve two problems:

You will be able to share your side of the story in a subtle manner. Since every answer will link back to your website, traction automatically increases.

On Quora, you can even start a blog and publish company articles, redirecting the readers to the website. It is an invaluable SEO strategy tool as well, and ranks pretty high in Google results.

It is easy to start a paid marketing campaign to increase your website’s traffic. But the truth is, that this tactic will not bring you sustainable growth. All of it will result in, are increased traffic for increased marketing budgets.

Make use of smart tactics to leverage from what you have and the digital technologies available today. Your website needs to be able to grow organically as well.

As Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko, puts it:

“No traffic, no leads. No leads, no sales. No sales, no business.”