In today’s ever changing and ever expanding digital world, every marketer faces one challenge or the other while trying to establish a market for his brand.

While most of them have the same goals to achieve via similar channels, the challenges faced could be slightly different – one might have trouble driving enough traffic from social media to their website and another might have trouble measuring the channel that brings them the most traffic.

In simple words, every marketing strategy out there has room to improve – but the catch is to identify where exactly are you facing a challenge and what you’re trying to achieve out of the effort.

So here’s taking a look at the 6 most common digital marketing challenges today and how you can overcome them:

1. Not getting lost in the volume

The digital world is booming and almost every business out there has taken its products/services online to reach out to the masses. According to a report by Experian, most marketers are now facing the challenge of making their brand stand out in the volumes available on the internet. This eventually leads to difficulty faced when trying to run a brand awareness campaign or acquiring new customers.

What can you do?

While it is a fact that at least some of your products/services might be similar to what another business has to offer, there is definitely a small aspect that is unique to you. Discover the USP of your product/service and find ways to convey the same. Conduct surveys on your existing customers and your target audience to better understand what they are looking for, and identify which of those needs your brand can fulfill.

2. Driving relevant traffic to the website

Continuing on the point above, marketers today are consistently facing a challenge when it comes to spreading brand awareness in the right target market. This also makes it harder for them to drive the ideal traffic to their business websites. Therefore, understanding which channel to tap into and driving relevant audience to your website to turn them into customers is becoming an ongoing challenge for marketers.

What can you do?

Conduct an audit of your online activity – what tactics are you opting for to reach out to your audience. Take into consideration the content you’re producing, the channels you’re presenting it on, the social media channels that you’re actively present on and the paid/unpaid campaigns you are possibly running. Make use of robust analytics to understand which of them work the best for you and optimize your efforts simultaneously. But it is important to measure your analytics at modest intervals of time to give each of your efforts enough span to work over.

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3. Targeting the right audience effectively

One of the first and foremost thing that an effective marketer does, is to identify their target audience in the market. With the number of internet users increasing by the day and their needs changing almost every second, targeting the right audience has become one of the biggest challenges for marketers.

Keeping in mind what your business has to offer and what kind of problems it would solve when put to use, create your value proposition. This will help you identify who or what demographics would resonate to it the most when targeted.

What can you do?

Look at the general demographics of the market that you want to reach out to. Identify their needs and create customer personas taking into consideration their online behavior and possible future needs. In this case, companies like Wigzo equip you with machine learning and predictive analytics tools to enable better persona creation.

demographic segmentation

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4. Lead generation using social media

When it comes to the various social channels, most businesses and marketers don’t really know how to remain consistent at it. Most of them feel that it is all about the paid campaigns they are supposed to run for brand awareness and lead generation. Although, both of them are a constant challenge with the ever increasing market competition.

Even though considerable marketing budgets are set aside by businesses, most marketers aren’t able to run the engagement they receive into revenue. But it is important that you don’t just build your social following – you need to get conversions that add up to the overall business goal.

What can you do?

The most effective way to leverage from social media is to integrate your marketing and sales efforts. Sharing behavioural data and interaction levels with leads on social media, can help the sales team define a custom, personalized customer journey for them – which they are more likely to convert on.

social media lead generationsource

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5. Optimizing marketing budgets and ROI

With the increase of digital channels and advanced analytics tools, marketers are now expected to be able to optimize the marketing budgets and the ROI to best suit the business’s needs. He is expected to measure each effort and its value to achieve the end goal – be it the number of leads generated or the revenue raised.

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What can you do?

Tap into the power of machine learning and robust analytics on a regular basis. An effective marketer is able to gauge the value of every single lead generated from a marketing effort. Understand the impact of each digital campaign on lead generation, test different variants and approaches of reaching out to your target audience to better optimize your campaigns for higher results.

While you’re measuring the digital inbound results, ensure that you are taking into account the outbound efforts being made by your business and what kind of results it is yielding.

6. Keeping up with the changing trends

The digital market and marketing techniques have changed drastically over the last few years. And it continues to change even today to cater to the modern day addressable market needs. Hence, it is important for marketers to stay up-to-date with all these changes.

Be it the launch of a new social media platform or a technology that would make a marketing effort more robust, marketers need to remain on top of things to ensure their business does not lose out on possible conversions.

What can you do?

Consistently engage with your target audience on platforms that they are most active on. The most effective way of doing so is to leverage from social listening using tools like Hootsuite. They help you understand what people are saying about you and your product/service, what they expect – giving you the opportunity to become a part of their conversation.

Marketing is going to continue changing and there are many challenges headed up a digital marketer’s way. It is the choice of techniques and technology that will eventually determine the success of all digital efforts.

What is the one challenge that you or co-marketers have faced so far on digital? How did you overcome it and what kind of solutions are you looking for?