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Connect Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other platform, and let AI use the existing Data to Create and Optimise Ads to generate 1.8X more sales.

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How does it work

Let AI use Data to Create and Optimise Ads and drive Revenue

AI driven Data based Ads Campaign

Design smarter and effective Data driven Ads that capture the attention of your customers.

AI Campaign level Optimisation

Attribution Analytics all the way to each of your marketing campaigns.

Adset level SKU attribution

SKU analytics, deep dive into your SKU analytics, to which products sells to which customers and when, on what channels, and what cost.

Actions Driven by AI

Wigzo combines data science and automation into the buying processes to bridge between all components of digital advertising. It performs predicative analytics on your customers’ behavioural data so your digital marketers can quickly and easily target the right audiences to boost campaign performance. 

Easily Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Launch, optimize and monitor your ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram from a single interface.


Strategize Your Ad Campaigns – The Smart Way

Still using different interfaces to manage your ads across channels? All that changes with Wigzo! Our robust interface provides you with all the necessary options to craft your own cross-channel marketing strategy with ease and speed. Define your goals, split budgets across channels, targeting, device preferences and more from our campaign launcher.

Ecommerce Intelligence New vs Repeat Customers

Understand your audience with real-time insights and analytics

Real-time data analysis allows you to follow your customers through the entire conversion process, and react accordingly at every touchpoint.

Promote different products and services based on the information flowing in. You can improve or optimize your campaigns accordingly.

And all of it is powered by the kind of accessible, real-time data analytics Wigzo can reel in.

Export Automate Reports Ecommerce Ads Platform

Automated Customizable Reporting

Define your own KPIs using existing metrics across all ad networks for streamlined reporting and automated rules.Instantly add your CTR, CPC, CPA, Conversion Rate, and ROI for each Ad Campaign you are running and never miss a thing.

Automate and Exportyour regular reporting with your custom reports that are refreshed and sent out on your preference of delivery frequency : daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Visual Analytics Ads KPIs

Simple Visual Analytics

Understanding how your campaign is performing is easy with Wigzo.

You can quickly obtain a snapshot of your campaign over time, displaying only few metrics that really matter for your success. 

Information is displayed in a clear, actionable way, making it simple to understand how your campaign is being optimized. Get to know the Highlights at a glance with the simplified Visual Analytics along with the in-depth information, on every metric offered by Wigzo.

Trusted by some of the Largest E-Tailers Globally

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True End-To-End Personalization

One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers’ journey

E-commerce Intelligence

Understand key performance indicators

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Convert static content into personalized experience

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Marketing Automation

Engage across every channel

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Understand key performance indicators

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