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Wigzo is e-commerce marketing automation platform that helps businesses of every size dig deeper into data to find opportunities to increase their sales and revenue. E-commerce brands use Wigzo to personalize every customer interaction and drive better engagement, retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

Our Story

Where It All Started…

Wigzo was founded in 2014 with an idea of providing simple marketing solutions to e-commerce businesses. Just 5 years later our AI-driven tech company with the help of our dedicated full-time employees and hivemind of our software engineers has built a powerful product for people & businesses.

Multiple solutions and format made accessible to marketers that improved their revenue by more than 100%

That’s how the 3 “Marketeers” thought of bringing zen to the chaotic world of marketing & data analytics and they successfully managed to bring it through an omnichannel platform that is tenacious, scrappy and fiercely loyal – That’s Wigzo for you folks!

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Trusted by some of the Largest E-Tailers Globally

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The company is as good as its team

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Our Leadership

Our leadership team reflects some of the best and brightest talent.

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Umair Mohammed

Chief Executive Officer

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Himanshu Kaushik

Chief Operations Officer

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Mohammad Atyab

Chief Technical Officer

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Jay Cathey

Chief Revenue Officer

Our Investors

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Come work with us!

Our crew of developers, designers, nerds, and comedians come into work, top off their coffees, grab a handful of snacks, and hit the road running to simply make us better than we were the day before.

You might call it cheesy optimism, but we think this continuous hustle is what has propelled us from a one-man show to a fast-growing torchbearer in the world of automation.

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$15,000 Additional Sales in 1st Month

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