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Omnichannel marketing automation made easy

By consistently communicating with customers across all channels, devices, and touchpoints; your company can significantly improve the customer experience, resulting in higher conversion and retention rates.

Build a consistent message across channels.

Customer insight to improve engagement

Smart triggers to run automation without human intervention

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Business Intelligence and Analytics For Ecommerce

Wigzo provides hundreds of Ecommerce insights across performance, product sales, customers, inventory and more. Instantly measure metrics like customer lifetime value, gross margin, net profit and more, and create and automate high-quality ecommerce reports.
Ecommerce CRM
Performance Management
Product Analytics

Omni-channel Personalisation of Every Interaction with Customer

No matter how large a user-base or which platform they are at–now hyper-personalize your otherwise coldly impersonal campaigns with well-timed, relevant and personalized messages for each one.

Transform static content into personalized experiences

Define event-based triggered messages on apps & email with a personalization engine

Personalize journeys, not individual touchpoints 

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World’s most revolutionaly AI based Ads platform

Connect Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other platform, and let Ai use the existing Data to Create and Optimise Ads to generate 1.8X more sales.
AI driven Data based Ads Campaign.
AI Campaign level Optimisation
Adset level SKU attribution

Designed for Ecommerce

No matter how large a user-base or which platform they are at-now hyper-personalize your otherwise coldly impersonal campaigns with well-timed, relevant.

Optimize your website with personalized communication to increase customer delight.
Group users based on their persona and behavior to maximize your marketing ROI.
Create and automate workflow and tasks across multiple channels.
Detect product insights that drive revenue growth.
Order List
Capitalize on orders analytic data and make informed marketing decisions.

Develop and Deploy Omnichannel Personalization

We create personalized campaigns across multiple channels defined by your customers’ journey


Predictive customer segmentation solution so that you can cater to each segment with exclusive marketing strategies.


Hyper-personalize your coldly impersonal content to warm and well-timed across all channels with omnichannel personalization.


A hybrid machine learning approach to present personalized product recommendations that shoppers are most likely to want.

Detailed Analytics

Use real-time analytics to dynamically build experiences that truly engage customers.

Triggering Engine

Automatically trigger personalized emails & push notifications to reach customers at the most critical moments.

Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver a consistent marketing strategy across multiple devices with omnichannel marketing.

Easy Integration with 130+ Tools

Connect Wigzo with apps you use and love.

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Wigzo’s user documentation is your guide to supercharging your user engagement strategy and effectively retaining customers.

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