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360 Degree User Profiling & Behavioural Automation

The only way to effectively market your business is to understand your customers better and tailor your brand proposition to add more value to them. And Wigzo enables marketers to do exactly that.


Wigzo’s machine learning technology tracks your target audience closely across all digital channels. Noting their demographics, conversations they are engaging in, their conversion triggers and previously made purchases, it helps create a 360 degree user profile.

Let’s create holistic user personas!


User profiling is then used to create smart segments of your audience, that can be targeted using custom campaigns.

convert user data to
revenue with your business

The technology delivers a holistic view of who your customer is, what he is looking for, what interests in, why he wants something and how you can use this data to convert him with your business.

Behavioural automation

Marketing automation has been around for a while now in the digital industry. Unfortunately, only a hand few of marketers use the technology to its full potential. This is where Behavioural Automation by Wigzo comes in.

Our technology combines marketing automation with individual behaviours of your target market. This opens up a whole new realm for marketers, boosting their campaign results.

The combination has led to marketers experiencing higher open rates, click rates and conversions on their digital campaigns - email marketing included. Combining behaviour and automation lets you achieve granularity for creating segments of one, for one-to-one communication.

Why do you need behavioural

Here’s some simple math:

Automation - Behaviours

messages that lack relevance or context

Behaviours - Automation

abundance of data with no scope to scale communication

Automation - Behaviours

highly contextual messages that open a channel for communication

Learn how 360 User Profiling can help you increase revenue.


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